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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Noland Trail

Now that I am back at home, I'm able to do things that truly make me feel so much better.  
I walk the "Noland Trail" every day / other day.  It's a five mile walk and I really put my all into it each morning.  Here are some phone photos along the way.  

It's just so beautiful.  I enjoy going just to see the birds, trees, water, bridges, squirrels (who, by the way, have no problem being close to the passing athletes!)

This fallen tree had to be cut through to may way for the path.  But it's still gorgeous!
Oh yes, I love bridge number 10.  Always makes me feel like I'm in a different country.
Walking feet!  I really need better shoes though.
Random Pink and Purple Azaleas growing here and there.

Ah!  The big bridge with the lordly lions statues.  This is right off the James River leading into the Mariner's Museum.

Another bridge which crosses over Lake Maury.  Fallen trees in the lake are still so perfectly placed it seems.
Glass.  I mean!  More of Lake Maury.
So happy.  This picture was sent to my husband.  He wanted to know what I was doing.  But you can see it too!

How can I not want to walk this trail?

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