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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Path to Health

Thanks to my amazing Joanna, I now know it takes 12 - 18 months to completely rid your body of toxins and return to complete health.  This is my goal.  I can remember feeling so healthy.  I was 19.  Running everyday.  Sleeping.  KNOCKED OUT kind of sleeping.  My heart rate was 42 beats a minute.  I ate to fuel my running.  I got to eat so much!!!  No headaches, no insomnia, no random aches and pains, no drowsiness.  

To start my path to health I choose walking and yoga.  I will alternate the days of walking and yoga.  Until I can get my body feeling comfortable enough to run.  

I have an excellent DVD from Shiva Rea.  She has a solar and lunar flow movement series.  After just one practice, my back has posture, and I'm somehow able to breathe easier.  

Solar Flow

Lunar Flow

I am blessed to have the time to heal, and that is indeed my goal. 

1 comment:

Joasia said...

You got it, girrrl.
And I need to try those Solar/Lunar Flows! Just the photographs make them look so...rejuvenating. Empowering. I am way slacking on the yoga, and my back reminds me of this all the time. We're on the path together, my love!