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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love Letters

 I get love letters from a girl in Richmond.  She and I have been friends since we were 17.  Best friends since... hmmm... 22? 23?  That sounds about right.  
My bestie WOULD have the Ganesha in the left hand corner of her letters.  
She would send me letters with sage attached so I can smell them.  

She's a beautiful woman.  And now she's one upped me on the stationary.  Now, I have to go to Parlett's.  I have to get real.  My last letter (package) had little sticker characters with inner thoughts and a hand carved prehnite buddha inside.  

I need to find little owls.  Some sparkles for the spring and upcoming summer season.  Perhaps some ocean animals too.  She would like that.  

 3 Circles Series
has begun.  
Expect to see much more along these lines because the flow is just feeling right to me.
Ruby Pear


Joasia said...

BTW, I saved the envelope with the sticker characters and their inner thoughts all over it. It was pricelessly adorable!! :D
And I love the three-circle series!! You're right--something about that line flow is just so ON. And ruby...*drool*

Michelle said...

Love letters?! What a fun idea! Leave it to you two ;-) I'm jealous of Jo's handwriting (and stationary).