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Monday, February 28, 2011

A Rant on Aging and Goals

I purchased a bottle of wine last weekend.  I wasn't carded.

I went to a doctors appointment and was told I looked like I was 17 and needed a parent or guardian to sign for me.

When I was taken back, they did the typical pulse check, blood pressure, and weight.  I tipped the scale at 177lbs.  I've put on 7 lbs since I began working at the school, and it stands to reason.  I love to eat, always have, but I don't workout anymore.  When I stayed at home I went to the Y almost daily, working out about 45mins a day.  Now, there is no working out.  Unless you consider house work "strenuous". 

I blame laziness, grad school, and lack of time.  I do however have time to find a good walking route and stick to it.  I can do this.  And that cute birthday boy hubby of mine is all about me doing things for me.  In fact, he sometimes FORCES it upon me to get out there and "stop stopping yourself!" 

Still I wonder, why do I do this to myself?  I need new work clothes and shoes.  My work shoes are physically bruising, cutting, and compressing my wide feet, and do I think to get anything new?  No.  Because Grady's things are more important than mine.  Terry's things are more important than mine.  

The most recent thing I've done for myself was purchase a beautiful handmade ring from TheNoisyPlume.  I sat there pressing refresh every second, saw it and bought it immediately.  I do also intend on getting back to my jewelry work once the weather improves and I can get a spot in the office to bring my hobby inside and better access to the work.  I also reinstated the cab shop, so hopefully that will inspire me as well.
So, to recap.

1.  Walking in a nice inspiring location.
2.  Relocate my metalsmith workshop into the house for easier access.
3.  Buy new work clothes and shoes no matter what!
4.  Drop those 7 lbs.  I can do that.  It's not too lofty of a goal.


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Michelle said...

I loooooove the lighting in that photo!! And you look gorgeous!!