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Friday, July 2, 2010

When I'm older, and Turning Grey

I'd like to own and operate a tree farm. And metal smith, still, of course. Something about tree farms are so ridiculously calming to me. I would walk my acres every day. It would keep me young. Help me breath. And would be an amazing legacy to pass on to my son and to his children and so on and so forth.

I could see Terry doing this in a heart beat. Anything that could prove his truck worthy! Or any excuse to get a bad-ass hauling truck with all the manly bells and whistles. A tree farm would be the perfect excuse for the most incredible truck.

Oak trees

See. I feel better already.

Christmas Trees


GraceThoughts81 said...

Where is this? Did you take these pictures?

Kelly Reece said...

No I didn't take any of these pictures. I wanted to show examples of life on a tree farm and to be honest, there wasn't much to choose from in Google Images. :-/