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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hair Unveiling



I love it.
Initially I was shocked. My little boy has no hair! But, he liked it immediately. Which made me like it. Immediately. He's a little man.

And I've got to be honest. I feel truly sorry for the girls his age.
He's going to be a heart breaker.
A serious.

(So will little Nathan. You just know it.)

Grady, to you, my love. You're my heart at it's best, man. We are so proud of you. So, so freakin proud, of you.


basstardo said...

I love it! Gettin' him ready now. ;)

GraceThoughts81 said...

omg...he is such a combo of you and Terry. He looks great! Does he have brown eyes? For some reason I thought he had blueish eyes. That's so weird. Anyway, he looks very, very handsome!