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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stones, Itty Bitty's and Rain

Hemimorphite and Succor Creek Jasper

Itty Bitty's in Mehndi Paisley

I've been needing a change of pace with the Jewelry I work on. The stones I have haven't really been inspiring me to create much of anything. I think it goes without saying that any woman who makes jewelry becomes a "rock hound". We do... we learn the names, their meanings, their sister stones, we know good "cleavage" when we see it... and our collection grows and grows because stones are beautiful. Hands down.

I received my hemimorphite and succor creek jasper stones today. I'm working on their necklace chains today. Both will be necklaces. The hemimorphite puts me in a tranquil trance. The colors suck you in and make you dream. The succor creek jasper has an obvious scene to it. Rolling Hills. In fact I think I just came up with it's name.

Also pictured are the first of many "Itty Bitty's". This pair has a Mehndi Paisley print. They are very feminine and delicate. All day everyday go-to earrings on the cheap. You'll see. In the shop this evening.

Also, I'd really like it if we got some rain. It's been almost a month since we've had a good rough rain... the kind that cleans your car! We could use a storm here. No more teases Weather Channel!!!!


Justin said...

i keep seeing hermaphrodite instead of hemimorphite...that is all.

Kelly Reece said...

LOL! ohhh... Justin....

basstardo said...

He ain't right, you know that.

You got your rain at least!

Kelly Reece said...

I've got two responses from men holding big fish and wearing a big smile. I'm thinking you both think alike... *cough*.

Yes I got my rain! YES!!!

Joanna said...

Well...I thought it said Hermoine-phite at first!

Just GORGEOUS stones, Kel. Good finds!