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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Farmhouse Dream Home

This house is a farmhouse through and through. It sits on 17 acres just down the street from my Mom's house. The owners have been trying to sell it for almost 2 years now, and every time I pass it I gush and imagine what it would be like to live there. Because it's empty, I took many pictures of the property and I just would love to share with you, the simple, natural beauty of my dream home.

The porch where we would sip iced tea from Mason Jars.

The tree covered walk up to the house.

The pond with koi fish surrounded by flowering trees, wood and iron benches and a brick border.

The trees positively drenched in flowers every spring.


Joanna said...

You KNOW da beagles would LOVE it!

But seriously, that house is so rustic and beautiful. I'd definitely visit!

Michelle said...

That is gorgeous! 17 acres! Wow! Do people even know what to do with 17 acres anymore?

What town is this in? What are they asking for it? I have no intentions of purchasing a house on 17 acres in the near future but I'm curious to know where they still exist and what the going rate is for one...

GraceThoughts81 said...

Kell...why don't you just buy it? I don't know how much it is...probably too much...but if it wasn't...would you?

Kelly Reece said...

I would absolutely buy this house!!! But... it's $575,000 which is out of our price range right now :-/

Michelle - it's in Gloucester, waayyy out there. Here's the link: http://www.forsalebyowner.com/listing/D37D8

I was told by my mom 17 acres, but it's actually 15.