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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Better Day, and Lesson 2

Today was a much better day. The concept I had in mind for this garnet oval cab came together quite beautifully. I think I'll call her Georgiana Cavendish. She was a Duchess, married to the 5th Duke of Devonshire. Married at 17, she was meant to produce an heir to the kingdom and for awhile produced only girls. She wasn't loved by her husband. In fact he resented her for their 3 little girls. As she grew older she began to truly fall in love... but not with her husband. She eventually was forced to give away a child that she bore with her lover. The story of her life is filled with duty, love, passion and pain. What an incredible life. The garnet, for some reason is a deep and soulful hue, reminding me of her.

Lesson 2: Always wear protective eye-wear when working with steel wool dremel bits. In fact, no matter the bit, wear the eye-wear. I got a nice size piece of steel wool in my eye. It burned for about 10 minutes. I always wear my massive eye protection... but it was a quick buff and I quickly hopped to it. Stupid move.


Michelle said...

Beautiful picture of you!

Also, I cried when she had to give her baby away. You know me, I don't cry but I cried like a baby.

Kelly Reece said...

Thanks! I cried at that scene as well. I remember trying to hold it in so bad but then I realized I was alone, so I went ahead and let them flow.