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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scary or Super?

Terry found out today that the company he's worked for for the past 4 years is about to make some "cuts". And apparently quite a few.

My first reaction was surprising. I actually thought "Cool! He won't have to be at that miserable place any longer!" You see, he hasn't been happy there for quite some time. But he wasn't able to leave because they have been paying for him to get his Bachelor's. If he had quit, he'd have to pay back every dollar they spent on him to go towards his Bachelors. Which was close to about $9,000.00! So, needless to say, he didn't leave the company and decided to stick it out.

However, if the company lays him off, he doesn't have to pay back a dime! Terry has been driving from Newport News to the most southern end of Norfolk everyday for the past two years. He works 9-10 hour days and his drive is usually 45mins to an hour one way. So for about 12 hours a day he's SITTING.

His back is screwed up from not moving enough during the day, his brain feels like mush because the job isn't challenging enough for him, and he gets home at 7:00pm every night only to eat dinner and sit back down at his computer to do school work!

Like I said, this has been going on for two years (that's when he started school, and got promoted). Considering all these factors, my husband has been quite the trooper. He still helps me with the dishes every night, he plays and reads with Grady before bed time. He maintains a goofy/fun disposition 1/2 the time and all the while loves me to pieces.

But most of all I want him to be happy. I believe this job has been hindering his happiness to an unnecessary degree. So the idea of him being cut is SUPER!

But how do we pay the mortgage and bills with the economy down a back alley toilet? That's SCARY.

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Terry said...

I have a cute butt, might have to go work a male go-go bar. HA!