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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We've had snow practically every few days or so for about 1/2 a month. The question of whether or not I'm a "snow bunny" has been answered. I'm not. I'm Lady McAntisnow. I'm sooooooooo done with this weather. I hibernate in the house and feel lethargic. Even to eating. (Well okay that's not exactly true... hahhaha). I miss my sun, and green yard, and herbs and the beach. COME ON MAYYYY! The snow photo is of the back yard taken today Feb. 10 2010.

Here's the back yard during the summer. Those are my beautiful potted herbs that were tended to every morning. I even talked to them. I love doing yard work and I miss the feeling of a good day's work in my yard. May I say MAY!!!

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Terry said...

Hey, don't forget about late March and April. That's drum season, and a very important time of the year, mmmmkay. Of course, with all this cold weather, drum probably won't show up until June!