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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Few Things of Note... to me.

The greatest friend known to man, that man being me... WO... man (alright that was old school). Joanna gave me this hand drawn owl. I can't even tell you how much more beautiful it is in person. I literally dropped to my knees when she unveiled this incredible gift. I've loved her drawings ever since we first met... 17 years old in SAT-Prep. She would doodle and I would just gawk and be in awe at how simple she made it look. Well...10 years later and she's still got it! More than she'll ever understand. The greatest gift, drawn from the heart.

This little goober... I mean, BOY, had way too much fun this Christmas. These goggles are for his little man craftsman tool bench from Nana and Pop-Pop.

I'm getting old. That's what I really wanted to blog about. I know I'm only 27, but I can feel it. Not in a bad way. I have crows feet, and feel the need to wear make-up in order to look my best. The red splotches on my face must be COVERED UP! And I have baby bags under my eyes in the morning, that don't go away. For a few hours.

I think about my 30's and 40's too. Like they're around the corner. I suppose they're YEARS away, but life is starting to fly by me. Suddenly I'm going to turn 28, have a 3 year old, been married for 3 years. Soon I'll be 38, have a 13 year old, and be married for 13 years....

...to him. And I love it. And Beans... you better be there damnit!

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Terry said...

I hope the Beans is around. I'm going to fall to pieces when she goes. =( That's going to be a sad day of epic proportions.