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Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Work and Imperfection

So I guess you could say I've become somewhat obsessed with metal-smithing. I didn't really show the transition of what my work has become since the first ring, but it's getting better that's for sure. I listed the first ring tonight for Joanna. I need to get the guts up to list the garnet earrings and the turquoise necklace, but for some reason I'm extremely picky about what I've been making and can find a flaw in all of my work. Thus I haven't been listing them yet.
I think the maker can always find flaws in their own work though. I read somewhere, a long time ago, that if you make something and it's perfect then you might as well stop there and never continue again b/c what's the point. There's no goal once things are perfect. I remember who it was! Bob Ross! The painter who would paint on canvas right before your eyes on TV and make these beautiful scenery paintings. After commenting on the perfect thing he followed it with "I hope you live a life full of imperfection."

So here's to imperfection!

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