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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Motivation Rears It's Ugly Head

Because I am a beginner these aren't quite what I had in mind when I began the project. Although they aren't bad... they aren't good either. There are many flaws staring me in the face, but, this was only my third soldering project. And I can tell while I'm working that I'm getting better. Even though mistakes are still being made and will continue being made for months to come. I'm just glad my motivation to work in the workshop has returned. Especially after my super awesome wonderful can't live without husband surprised me with a work table after visiting Jo in Richmond. That was over a month ago!

It took me awhile to get back out there because I lost interest. This happens a few times a year. I will be obsessively into my hobby and then just ...poof! The interest is gone. I'm not sure what happens. Maybe I'm disappointed in my work. Maybe I'm sick of thinking about it. Maybe life gets in the way... who knows?

But I now trust that eventually, the motivation will return. I've lost interest and gained interest so many times in the past few years that it's without a doubt a pattern.
After Terry built that table for me I felt pressured to get back to work but I still just wasn't "feeling it" yet. Luckily there was no pressure coming from Terry at all. He builds custom fishing rods. Has probably spent a couple thousand dollars on his hobby and I haven't seen him work on a rod in 3 months or so. You have to want to, and it's just not something you can force.

The summer months (in my opinion) are not good hobby months. Everything says seems to shout "Stay outside! Go travel!". Winter months are perfect for hobbies. Good thing too... it's just in time for my motivation to kick in. I should be making a ring in my next project :-)

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