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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's That Supposed to Mean?

I picked Grady up from school today and asked the typical question "well how did he do?" His teacher said "Well, we try to do arts and crafts and it seems like Grady just isn't interested. We suggest the idea 3 times throughout the day but don't push him to do it. I think he just needs to be more socialized, but we'll talk about that later." I walked away thinking "what's that supposed to mean?"
It probably means what it means exactly what she said. It means mommy needs to grow thicker skin, with calluses and dirt and more calluses. Why did that comment effect me so much? I can only imagine this schooling transition is not only tough on Grady, but tough on me as well. I'm getting commentary now with my child. It's like a voice-over commentator in a football game. "Well Mike, it looks like Grady did a fumble down the arts and crafts line." "You're right Dick, Grady just can't seem to cut it today..."
I'm sure if Mom's of football players were hearing that during the game, they would be shouting back at the T.V. saying "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT, HE'S JUST HAVING A BAD DAY! SHUT-UP DICK!"

I feel better now.

Here's daddy's interpretation:

"When he's around you he behaves better." - That's because I don't take any shit from him, period. I'm the boss, he's the employee. I say clean the crapper, you better clean the damn crapper! Lol!

You're a mother. You're tender, loving, caring, empathetic, and all those wonderful things that make you "Awesome Da Momma." The problem is, you have to add "drill instructor", "ass whipper", "ruiner of shit", "so help me I will take a crap in your Wheaties and make you eat it" to that list.

I think we both need to take cues from the other's playbook. I tend to be hard on him a lot, you tend to be softer on him more than me. I need to balance out the hardness with some lovin', and you need to balance out the softness some with some "stern talking to's, Mister!" Know what I mean?


GraceThoughts81 said...

yup...but I don't get how Grady's disinterest in arts and crafts has anything to with socialization. Did the teacher explain that? Maybe he isn't an interpersonal, artistic learner. Maybe he's an intrapersonal, rational learner who is interested in the more formulaic, mathematical aspects of ideas rather than the aesthetic. Perhaps the teacher needs to use more differentiation in her lessons.

Throw that in the teacher's face. Yeah, whatcha got to say about arts and crafts now huh?

K.N.R said...