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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's going on at the Reece's!??

Well hiya! Figured I would go ahead and post a self-portrait... seems I have to make a face at how silly I feel even when I'm all alone in my living room surrounded by my son's toys. This means I'm either a lazy house-wife OR my son has the coolest toys and I let him play with them where ever he pleases. (I know how my husband would answer ;-) ) I'm also planning on being Rapunzel apparently. That too could be attributed to laziness.

Here you will find the most handsome men... I MEAN UH... my awesome husband and super adorable son! What are cell phones for but to take pictures of random events like dinner at UNO's!

Grady just started his summer school and here is another cell shot of him today at school :) He's in the far upper left. It's so cute to see him sitting with other kids his age and behaving like a good little boy. He really likes school so far! I know he's happier around his buddies than going on errands with Mommy. The stay at home Mommy days are over (to a degree) and Grady B. was ready for this!

Here are some of his artwork pieces! Very summery indeed! Rather than putting them on the fridge, I'm putting them on the kitchen wall... b/c I want to see them all the time and by the end of the school year it will be a Grady exhibit!

Here's my husbands reading for the past month. Yes, I said MONTH... for his English class. As you can probably guess I barely talk to him, hardly see him, and have somewhat forgotten what he looks like. We talked last Thursday for awhile, does that count?!!

My first successful metal-smithing project. 5mm amethyst in sterling silver earrings with post. I'm not quite confident enough to put these on Etsy... that, and they're my first pair so I'll probably keep them for sentimental value. Eventually my "Breeze in the Trees" shop will be filled with all kinds of goodies like these. I have many awesome ideas in store and a few drawings I'm hoping to make into a reality. But for now, I'm very proud of these.

And finally... what are the fat hounds doing other than their usual. Being fat. And lazy. Little do they know, we're taking a day trip to Hatteras on Saturday. So, really, they need their beauty rest so they can be super fat on the beach and strut their stuff for the other dogs. When it comes to chubby beagles... there is no contest.

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GraceThoughts81 said...

Um, hello, excuse me...didn't I ask if you were going to Hatteras in the near future and didn't I ask if I could come too? What are you doing? Hellloooooo?

p.s. (the photo of you is tres cute.)