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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Goofy

Grady loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Probably too much. I will be on daddy's computer while he's on my computer watching "mouse" and usually I'll simply tune out the show. Today however, I listened during a moment of "where shall I look on the interwebs now?" ... I guess my mood helped to make the click in my head about who I am, but I remind myself of Goofy. He's this charming sweetheart, but who knows what he's doing? He surely doesn't. He gets happiness out of the littlest things and even exclaims them to all his friends hoping they're excited too. He trips over things all the time. He jumbles up words thinking they are in fact... words. And he's pretty much content if everyone around him is content.

Sometimes I feel like the world isn't made for Goofy. It's like you're not supposed to be content so easily and you're supposed to strive for more always. I occasionally feel like a failure for not trying harder. I'll scratch my head with my mouth slightly open just like our friend Goofy here and have no clue what more I'm supposed to want. I must be goofy.

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GraceThoughts81 said...

Well I could have told you you were goofy. :P