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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Damn you Jane Austen!

On the occasion the whim will hit me to read Jane Austin.
I originally went to the book store to buy only ONE novel "Sense and Sensibility" in particular.
Well, the sale was: buy two classics, get the 3rd classic free!
I fell for it.
I tried to decide, tried to decide, called Krista, called Dad. Finally I resolved to stick to what I originally came for and buy only Jane Austen...
Which three books are the best in your opinion Barnes and Noble worker?
About 4 women I guess overheard our conversation and decided to chime in.
"Oh! Pride and Prejudice without a doubt!" says one.
"Northanger Abby is hilarious!" remarks two.
"Well I liked Mansfield Park!" mentions three.
"Just buy them all..." resolves four. And she hands me the Jane Austen collected works.

Smart girl.

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