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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hunting for Color

I traveled to Indian Fields Creek in search of rocks to accompany gemstones for rings.

When I look for rocks in a sea of rocks, what I'm looking for is color. 

Even if it isn't something I can frame in silver, at least it gives me an idea of combinations I wouldn't normally think to combine.  Color that comes naturally escapes me.  Nature is such a better artist.  Always the better artist.  

 I disturbed the bugs on the way there.  Trekking my feet through tall grass.  Leggings came in handy today.

  I learned that Indian Fields Creek was inhabited by a chief under Powhatan.  This chief was called a "weroance" which literally meant he had power only under Powhatan.  I don't know what your history lessons were like, but growing up in Williamsburg, we were immersed with history.  You either loved it or hated, but no matter your stand for or against it, you had to respect it.  It was staring you in the face daily. 
 Know your place.  That's what its presence said to me.  Perhaps I was extremely aware of this and didn't know how to verbalize it.

 There's a silence to this place.  Even with the passing cars over a man made concrete bridge, you can hear life and death all at once.  

 Color stands out to me.  So vivid.  It screams.  When searching through stones it doesn't taken long to find something.  I either find something immediately, or find nothing at all.  Today was a nothing at all day.  There were bricks in sizes so large, but their color and shape was a contrast like a beacon against the sand, blue, brown, grey...
like the wild plants growing with their own agenda.

Iridescent purple against muddy brown.  Is it just me or does anyone else find this to be brilliant?

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Jevon Monday said...

I like the purple/brown contrast... It's a good one!!