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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Comforts of Home

In 2008 Terry and I bought a house.  We were first time home owners, anxious to no longer rent and had nothing but hand me downs from family and friends.  This is what I call a house.  A domicile to live and sleep, but offers little comfort that's pleasing to the eye.  Four years later, thousands upon thousands of dollars invested, random pieces collected but no real method to our madness, we continued living a chaotic life.  Inviting people over was not an option.  Our house's status was not one to flaunt.

Finally.  I have a home.  

Living Room

New simple lamps.  Hydrangeas and Oleander from the garden.

Our favorite past time.  Drinking Tea.  Terry and I rarely go a night without a cuppa

Dishes aren't piled on end tables because I have a sink.
Healthier food is prepared because it's out in the open and easy to grab.  Fruit on a cake stand looks good! 

A feeling of togetherness surrounds the massive room.  We can watch a movie, play toys, make food, eat food, clean up and be on the computer all at once, all together, making each task less like a chore.

Grady putting Star Wars Droidica Ship together.

I think we're well on our way to achieving what Terry and I would call home.

natural colors
feeling at ease
welcoming to others no matter the time

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