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Friday, May 25, 2012

Yeah I can play the Guitar...

I know all about virtuosos, and the trembalos, and arpeggios, I CAN DO IT ALL!

That's from Homestarrunner and if you're not familiar, you consider looking them up.  Specifically Strong Bad's emails.

My fingers are getting calloused and are certainly black.  You can forget about my nails, they're gonners.  But the art of making ROCK and METAL collide!  UGH!!!  Van Halen and I are like thissss. (that's completely inaccurate, let's all nod in agreement.)

 These earrings were made tonight.  We've got moonstone, manik manik lampwork glass, labradorite, citrine, amethest, kyanite, tanzanite and sterling silver smothering and covering it all.

 I've decided to give my gallery cabinet themes.  One section will be Sea.
Another will be Earth

Sky will be the third. No picture.  .....   Yet.

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