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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Swimming with the Fishes


 Another reason why I love Virginia.  I get to see this stuff for free!
 This dog had a BLAST with his tennis ball!
 LOOK at him GO!!
 He was farther away than it looks, so I'm pretty sure it was a BIG dog!
 This G-DOG was happy to pieces!!!!!
 ohhhhh pirate ship... I MEAN sail boat!  yeah...
 How about one with my son and the ship?!  EH?  His view from the water :-) Not too shabby!
 Starting to get cold.....
 Here was my old man fishing buddy next to me getting a kick out of Grady's shenanigans!
 ...and the York River tastes gross.
 CROAKAH!  (Croaker)
I love macro shot of fish.  God they're a beautiful site to see.  Translucent, yet so vivid.  How do you do it fish??!

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