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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Living on a River

 The James River
 She's rustic, full of history...
 Now people dock their boats and bridges have been built to cross her
 Amazing to think there's about a 12 foot drop straight down from here.
 "The trees are strong my Lord.  Their roots go deep."
 ...slower shutter makes the water look like fog
 "rip them all down"  Sometimes nature gets nasty
 Others it's just magnificent.  A daily occurrence, even.  How lucky are we?

 Calvin and Hobbs once said "God must have taken a lot of art classes..."
 The mighty oak.  They live by water.
 You can actually see the curve of the earth in this one.  How cool!
 Thank you moon for the tides.
Thank you sunset, for ending our days with rich colors.

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