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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Is it possible to jinx myself just by writing about the absolute wonder, true wonder, that's been occurring in my life?
Two days ago I interviewed to be an image artist located in Hilton Village at a photography studio.  As I walked out I noticed this cute store:

Looked cute, and the interview went well so I thought I'd treat myself to a little Hilton Village exploration.  

That's when I met Jennifer, Shawn, and Hannah, the shop dog.
Shawn owns Lockworks Salon  upstairs.

 I wore a few pieces of my own to the interview, she noticed them instantly and when I told her I'm a metalsmith, she called her husband down. "How does one even get into this?"  Husband persuasion, I think was my reply.  She asked me to come by that evening with my stock to take a look at the rest of my work.  Jennifer fell in love with this piece:

 She wanted to buy it and asked me to come in tomorrow to talk about exhibiting my work in her gallery.  Needless to say I gladly took the offer.  So here's she is!  My space in the gallery.  My rustic cabinet purely for my work.  I'm renting out the "real estate" in the gallery on a per month basis.

Here are more pictures of the gallery:

Grady took the shot...said "I liked the brush."

I'm in the works of picking out jewelry display.  It will mainly consist of linen, surf-tumbled rocks and lots and lots of jewelry.  And my card, of course.  If I get the job at the photography studio, I'm just a few doors down.  Work from 9-2 and check on my inventory in the shop.  

How did this happen to me again?  Does anyone want to touch me?  I'm beaming with optimism.

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