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Friday, April 27, 2012

Adobe needs Tea

So much to learn.  I know what two of these boxes are.  Ps and Br.  As in, I've played with them.  They mean  Photoshop and Bridge.  Yes.  For you Adobe Awesomers I am a baby.  But just you wait.  I'll be playing with you soon.   Soon.
Here is the book I wish I had.  It's a mere $180.  Oh GREAT!  I just learned there's a CS6 coming out!  That's fine.... that's fine.

As I teach myself Adobe Creative Suite, essentials must be met for my brain to function at it's best. Let's dissect this work table.  McCutcheon's Blackberry Preserves stands out the most, resting next to it's Fig preserves counterpart.  Toast, tea, tylenol, my outdated Visually Teach Yourself CS3 outdated book checked out from my ghetto library, and my Mac.


1 comment:

Kelly Reece said...

Thank you to Thomas for letting me buy the book in top notch shape for 1/2 the price!