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Saturday, March 10, 2012

candles and five year olds

sense of smell

 We made candles together this past week.  It's a new craft I've been working on.  It's fun combining smells and colors.  Your nose and eyes are filled with sense.  However I overexposed every shot and have raised the black point in the editing software I use.  I really like the turnout.  Enjoy the many expressions, of Grady B.
I don't know about this Mom... not finding much I like...

Wait til he smells this one...

UGHGH!!  That's really a scent! 

That smells good mommy.  Finally, he found one he likes.
Shyness and shapes

Grady is either shy or proud of his work.  This time he exuded shyness.  I cannot begin to express my love of this shot.

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