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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Never Stop Being a Girl!

This weekend we went to D.C. to see my husband's family and see the fireworks!  Before the festivities I took my new niece to Tyson's Corner.  We went shopping at Tyson's II which is for the people WITH $$$$.  Now, I don't have that kind of $$$ but I can play!  
Addison is 8 years old and she insisted upon going into Betsy Johnson.  There was hot Pink and sparkles and fluffy dresses!  I thought... ohhhhnooooo.   But turns out, I had a blast!!!  I tried on this cute outfit encouraged by the English sales rep who was so beautiful and girly! Anyway, I only got a cell picture but I had a blast.  I got to play dress up!  I was a girl again!  Look at those HEELS!!!!  I could only afford the leggings with the strappy strappiness!  But I was just truly inspired to 

After living with only boys, you kinda forget....