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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to the Blog!!

Terry and Sam did the Polar Plunge this year.  It was so much fun seeing everyone dress to "impress" only to hop into frigid ocean waters and hop back out again.  Booz | Allen | Hamilton employees wore a shirt and tie.  Terry raised just over $500.00 for the Special Olympics!  I was and am very proud of him!

 oh so handsome

 They did it!!!  Where's the hotel room?!

 Here's the view from the 8th floor of the Ramada on 9th street.  It was like a ghost town after the plunge.  Once everyone plunged, they headed indoors for heat and a change of clothes.  The beach was deserted once more.


The good thing about Ohio....
That's about it.  Here's a shot going in to Cincinnati.  It was a dirty run down city.  Pretty depressing.  Not fun and full of culture or life, just run down.  Lots of abandoned buildings, people staring at you as you walked through, and cold.  Tres cold.

It really made me appreciate my neck of the woods.  I really like Hampton Roads.  It's flat.  There's water all around.  I love the military influence and I heart Jet Noise!!!!!!
Vive La South East Va!!

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