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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Little Motivation

Aquamarine Ring high polish shine

Green: Prehnite
Purple: Amethyst
Yellow: Yellow Opal
Blue: Aquamarine

Sometimes I go through what I call "droughts". I have periods of torrential rain as well. Sometimes everything in my being says "I don't want to make anything...". I used to ignore those thoughts and force myself to make jewelry anyway. That's a bad idea. Forcing leads to mistakes and frustration. I've learned to accept the drought and clear my mind entirely of jewelry, stones, and the creative process.

The torrential rains are where I become obsessive. I don't get things done around the house. I'm out in the garage late at night. I just keep going and going an going...

These stones came from Thailand and their beauty certainly gives me motivation. I see their beautiful colors and shapes and immediately know how I want to use them.

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