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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter, Finally!

Krista (sister) I know dearest... I know. 5 days have past and finally, I have posted these Easter pictures. They're plenty fun I assure you!

Egg dying with Grandma. Man she makes everything fun! Just look at that table cloth!

Many colors to choose from.

Then off ridin' on the four-wheeler through the woods!

A few posed shots. Folks, this is Josh, Krista's fiance/ baby daddy. He's perfect. Especially for our family. And besides, just look at those legs!

I feel such pride next to Krista with that big ol belly. She's going to be a cool mom:-)

Here's another shot of the preggers. 4.5 months left and to go!!!!!


He kept saying "what?" Jake... what an adorable dork-wad.

Eggs were everywhere! We finally gave up... there were just too many to keep Grady interested.

So mommy (me), and grandma helped out.

Josh came through to help pass the time by hitting golf balls into the woods. It's actually plenty of fun! With the woods that close, the golf balls would hit the trees like a ping pong machine. Tons of clink clank clack fun!!!

Oh, don't be fooled, my swing looks good, but the hit itself was pathetic!

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Terry said...

Yeah, I can't hit a golf ball worth a crap. I can cast 8 oz 200 yards though. =)