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Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Expectations...

Of my husband and child? When did this happen? When did I decide that there are certain expectations that the people I love the MOST in this whole big world were supposed to meet my demanding beliefs of who they should be, and what they should say. Literally.

I used to go with the flow. In fact, flow was about all that I expected. Rigid "guidelines" always intimidated me and made me feel trapped. So I adopted an "it's cool" outlook.

Lately however, I've been snapping over the smallest things. Things that didn't deserve my time or emotion, or the time and emotion from my family.

I've decided to put a stop to it. A full stop. And as a reminder decided to buy a leather cuff with words engraved on it. I initially wanted a cuff to read "Worry Not". But my sister put it best, "you would be trying to control the situation again." Something about a reminder of God seemed to put my mind at ease. Completely. As I scrolled through this young lady's shop I stumbled across a cuff that read "do all for the glory of God". I immediately felt at ease. However, that was a bit too pushy of a quote for me. Thus I found an author I respected very much and decided to engrave my cuff with the immortal words of C.S. Lewis "I gave in, and admitted that God was God".

Joanna shopped with me. Her goals were to stop worrying about the past and the future, and to just "be here now", her words. So C.S. Lewis came through again, "This moment contains all moments".

Thus two inspirational leather cuffs were born. Their intent, to remind two wayward women to be calm, remember, and live in the way they truly wish to live.

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Joanna said...

Thank you again for my beautiful cuff. It's soothing words and bright ocean-blue band is a good reminder that I want to love my life as I'm living it, here & now.