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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beautiful Day Turned Hospital

Grady and I set off today in high spirits! We were going to pick up Aunt Krista, go to Colonial Williamsburg, look at books and eat soup at Barnes and Noble, and then walk around CW to see all the sites!!!

After a fun lunch full of chicken soup and a chocolate cupcake, we headed out! We checked out the first ox, very cool, very big! We even touched his horns!

We headed across the street to see the smaller oxen when... SMACK!

Grady was squealing in pain...I was mortified immediately because his cry wasn't typical. I practically threw my camera at Krista and picked him up. Blood was dripping from his mouth like a leaking sink. I thought it might have just been a "bad fall" until I saw it. His front tooth was pushed back. "Oh, God. Krista, it's bad." Krista immediately said to take him to an urgent care. I ran all the way from Matthew Whaley to the parking garage with Grady in my arms. All the while he was crying so awfully.

We stopped in front of the book store because the blood was so bad I just had to take a second look. Turned out there was a rock lodged in his gum above the front tooth. I took it out. I looked over at Krista and she was crying. People started asking if everything was okay. We decided to take him to the emergency room.

Once we got in the Jeep he started to calm down. Krista held a cold compress to his mouth while I drove us to the hospital. We had to wait about 40 minutes. Finally he was taken back. The doctor said he didn't look that bad and that I would need to take him to a dentist. They gave him penicillin incase of an infection and sent us on our way.

The dentist came in special for us and took a look at his mouth. Thankfully he felt that the tooth wouldn't need to be taken out and that (surprisingly) everything would heal over time.

It's amazing that pretty much nothing was done. His gum is practically split and his front tooth moves with quite a wiggle.
Poor guy. What a way to spend the first beautiful day in months.


GraceThoughts81 said...

I'm so glad he is okay. Seriously, that was a rough day...it followed me into Monday even...couldn't stop thinking about how brave the little guy was. What a trooper.

Justin said...

wow. To bad he didn't land on a different part of his body and get some cool battle scars...another day i guess.