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Saturday, July 18, 2009

In the Beginning...

I want to remember this because I'm finally starting to make the jewelry I want to make. Terry cleared out a space for me in the garage for the making-awesomeness. He wanted to build me a table, but we settled on screwing new wood on top of the old bench in the garage. Terry says "this is only temporary..." I love him so much. You KNOW a man loves you when he gives you a section of his garage. That's like a male dog saying to a female dog "yeah, you can pee where I just peed, and I don't mind either...". Doesn't happen. Ever. So there she is! My baby section of studio! The back door to the garage is right where the picture ends so I'll have plenty of fresh air and perhaps a place to walk out if things aren't going my way in there.

And here was the first of many new shipments to come. One sheet of silver, one sheet of copper (to practice) and several cabochons; citrine in the front there, the largest, small lapis lazuli, two amethyst, and a few turquoises. Excitement doesn't describe how I feel. More like.... a huge crush has just kissed me. Yeah that's it. Soon the soldering equipment will arrive and it's ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! Children of the 80's will know what that means!

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